Prove it!

Posted: May 11, 2015 in CORE

1 John 3.002

Pastor Mike’s sermon at Manchester United Methodist Church continued teaching through 1 John.  His message yesterday fit PER-FECT-LY with our last lesson for the summer.  [But don’t forget that CORE students will be joining our Wednesday evening bible study – parents and students will continue studying Matthew together! #familyministry]

Pastor Mike taught from 1 John 3: 11-24 that the greatest way to prove our love for God is through our love for others.  This is our evidence that we have been redeemed from being a child of darkness to being a child of the light.  This love is empowered by the Holy Spirit and sanctified through the spiritual disciplines, including studying scripture, prayer, and worshiping with other Believers.

This was a perfect platform for CORE’s lesson.  We studied Matthew 22:34-40 which was a question posed by those rule-loving Pharisees and Sadducees, asking…

Greatest Commandment.001

In Jesus’ reply He summed up all of His teachings.  You see, Jesus consistently taught that He is more concerned with our hearts than with rules.  If our heart is right with God, we will naaaaaaturallllllly obey the rules.  When we love God, we will love others.  When we love God, we will live as children of the light, rather than darkness.  When we love God, we won’t just say it with words – our actions will show it.

But since loving God and loving people can be a challenge at times, the majority of our discussion yesterday revolved around how to do this.

Do we accomplish these two commandments by our own strength, or is it by the power of the Holy Spirit?

This is a deep question that impacts the way we pray…the ways in which we fight temptation…the ways in which we love our neighbor……and I could go on, and on, and on.  Do we love God “…in action and truth,” by fighting hard, or by letting the Spirit do the fighting?

Parents, what do you think?  What passages support your position?  I would love to hear from you this week!


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