Sailing into Summer

Posted: May 18, 2015 in CORE


Sailing into the summer feels great!  And what is the best way to celebrate all that we have learned this year?  A breakfast pizza party, of course!

Our savory feast fueled us for an epic review of all the things we learned this year.  We stretched ourselves as we recalled lessons from Nehemiah, Advent, Matthew, Lent, and lots of theological terms.  We also kept our game spicy by asking a few “Would you rather…?” questions.

"Would you rather drink soda through your dad's dirty sock?...or eat cereal from a stranger's shoe?" 


We laughed – we ate – we reminisced over the past year.  I am honored to have led these awesome rockstars.  What a joy!  But the spiritual growth does not end, just because it is summer.  No!

Join our FIRST EVER parent and student study of Matthew.  We meet on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Parlor.  We begin this week at Matthew 10, which is exactly where the students left off.  [Perfect timing!]


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