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How would you describe someone who is a “fan” of Jesus?  Someone who puts on a “Team Jesus” jersey, cheering loudly when Christianity is cool?  Someone who goes to church on Sundays, knows all the words to “How Great is Our God,” and has a fish bumper sticker?  I would describe this person as an enthusiastic admirer… much the way we admire Katniss Everdeen or Tim Tebow.


During this series, I’m wondering if being a fan–an enthusiastic admirer–is enough for Jesus.  Not sayin’…just wonderin’.

That’s why your presence at CORE on Wednesday nights is SO. IMPORTANT. during this series.  Without you, I’m just going to keep on wonderin’.  I need to hear your thoughts, beliefs, understanding, and experiences.

Catch Kyle Idleman’s thoughts on candy, snuggies, and sacrifice in the video below, and share your response next Wednesday at 7pm.



Casting Crowns // Matthew West // Royal Tailor // Lindsay McCaul

Thurs, April 19. $25. Cedar Falls.
Wanna go? Commit by THURSDAY (3/8). Tickets are sellin’ like HOTCAKES!


Need some more convincing?

So much to say…so much to do!  Our summer is in its final days, and I can hardly believe it.  Soon we will kick off our fall programming, and our relaxing days of “Lunch Bunch” and Star Trek marathons will be distant memories.

Monday, Aug 8: Lunch Bunch will meet at The Glen at 11:30am.

Kels will be gone for Staff Training from Monday evening until Wednesday (just before Youth Group).

We have a few Birthday shout-outs this week!  Haaaaaaaaappy Birthday to Tom Fetter (Youth Board Member) on Tuesday, Holly Evarts (Youth Board Member) on Wednesday, and Lydia Meiner (Senior High CORE Member) on Saturday!

Iowa State Fair

There are five students locked-and-loaded for an adventure to the State Fair on Friday.  However…we are in need of a FEMALE chaperone to accompany us on this overnight trip.  If we cannot find an adult over the age of 20 who can join us, our trip will be cancelled.  (Boo!)  Let’s make this trip happen! :)

Cookout on Sunday 4pm to 7pm at Preussners

SUNDAY, August 14th, there will be a COOKOUT to celebrate the end of summer.  Well, notsomuch “celebrate” the end, but “woop-it-up” one last time. :)  Please bring a frisbee (or the likes) and a treat to share with everyone.  We’ll hang out and enjoy relaxing togetherness.  The invitation is also to Youth Board and Mentors, so make sure you let your Mentor know…that’s YOUR job! :)  [Meet at the Church at 3:45 and we’ll go over together.]

Kansas City: Country Club Plaza

Please take the time to ask Teri about her Senior Trip to Kansas City!  I’m sure she will have all sorts of “interesting” stories to share.

Kansas City: Farmer’s Market


Chez Elle: Creperie and Coffeehouse

Ex.Hausted. Every mishap became funnier than the last.



Please remember to invite your friends to Wednesday nights.  Check in with the people we haven’t seen in a while, and offer rides if needed.  The more points of view we have, the more we grow and learn.

Happy Fourth of July. :)

What a beautiful day!  Everyone is overflowing with joy and gladness at the gift of being an American.  Nothing quite unites people across religious and political divides like the Fourth of July.  What are you doing (or did you do) to mark the occasion?  [Anyone who doesn’t have plans can meet at MUMC at 8:30pm and we’ll pick a spot to watch the fireworks.]

June was a busy, crazy month.  It has been a long time since we’ve all been together, growing, learning, and sharing.  I pray that while you’ve been away from CORE you are still seeking transformation.  Grab a friend and a soda and catch up on what has happened in your life this summer.  Some of you have powerful (and hilarious!) things to share, so let’s get connected.

Speaking of getting connected…

…if you are interested in beginning (or rekindling) a relationship with a mentor, let me–Kelsey–know.  If you have any questions about mentors (…what they do…how they help…is it weird…?) you can chat with any of the students who are currently meeting regularly with a mentor. There are so many benefits, but they could tell you that far better than I could.

Another surprisingly great way to get connected is through Twitter.  I know, I know, I was a skeptic, and most of you still are.  BUT I follow great leaders of Christian ideas, and I am inspired in little ways.  I truly think you will be too.  So you have two options: on the left of this page should be a few tweets to read, OR you could get the “real experience” and follow @COREyouthmin on

We are still in our Summer of Courage, and developing the idea of “standing out.”  Last week we watched the third video, and got the ball rolling.  Lee Rempe asked some important questions on the CORE Facebook page, but there was no response.  Here’s a refresher:

“. . . without compromising our integrity. . .” How do you define “integrity” and is it important?
How can you recognize someone who is reaching out for help, and how do you start the conversation?
What is the equivalent of drug addiction in your life? Or are you without harmful habits?
What makes you angry with God? Why do you need God in your life?
“Blessed are you when people make fun of you for My sake.” What does “blessed” mean in that context, and how does it make you feel?
Can you make a mental list of 5 people in your class, not counting CORE members, who are Christians? Can you make the same list of people you are sure are not? Where are you, to others, in this sort of list? And is this sort of list an offense to God?
Pick one (or two…or three…) questions and share a thought or comment below.

Don’t forget our adventure to Backbone is on Thursday!  Be at the church by 9:45 with a sack lunch and we’ll be home around 4pm.  [We may hike, swim, or explore, so I suggest being prepared with a swimsuit and beach towel, sun screen, bug spray, athletic shorts and T-Shirt].

Let's explore Backbone! :)

John 15:5

Saturday (June 18) is when Team Colorado takes off for their adventure of service.  Students will join 100 others from across the U.S. and be placed on a team meeting various needs in Denver.  Examples include working with kids at Day Camps, Habitat for Humanity (sorting and unloading), gardening food for homeless, painting/weeding for a therapeutic horse ranch, landscaping for non-profit organizations or senior citizen housing facilities, food packaging and sorting at local food banks or any other opportunities that may come our way.


Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to give us a heart to serve, a spirit of flexibility, and an open heart to grow in Christ.  Pray safety over our travels (and we’re whitewater rafting!) as well as our health.  In Christ, we can do all things!

Theme verse: “I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5

Team Colorado:

Addison Schrader

Caria Philgreen

Jimmy Gelwicks

Kristy Reth

Mark Gelwicks

Mary Piegors

McKenna Brown

Megan Offerman

Melissa Curtis

Sydney Litterer

Dave Gaskill

Kelsey Anderson

Laura Gelwicks

Tina Mead

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