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For those of you who have been keeping up (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4,), we have been talking A TON about the idea of #sacrifice.  It was starting to feel pretty dark, like being a Follower of Christ is a terrible death sentence.  Well, I suppose there is a death sentence involved…

Luke 923

The death sentence I am referring to is a death to ourselves, and a death to anything we may love more than Christ.  We are called to #sacrifice the things that distract us from a closer walk with the Lord.  We are called to kill anything that robs us of the presence of Jesus in our lives.

There I go again…getting all intense.  So I started asking the students of CORE Youth Ministry a few questions, like:

What motivates your #sacrifice?

The answer I heard brought tears to my eyes.  “Love.”  These Christ-followers in Manchester, Iowa pointed back to Luke 9:23, describing “…take up his cross daily,” as a picture of love.  When Christ took up His cross, it was motivated out of His deep, wild, extravagant love for us.


Our #sacrifice–whatever form it takes in your life–is motivated by our deep, deep love for the Lord.  And our love for the Lord is a response to His deep, deep love for us.  I promise that it is as simple as that.

How will you live this love out during this season of Lent?  Maybe it’s #sacrificing something that has kept you from spending time with the Lord.  Maybe it is adding something to your life that brings you closer to Christ.  Either way, here is our prayer for CORE Youth Ministry, and our prayer for you for the next 40 days:

Final Lent Prayer

Inspired by “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman, and the Ash Wednesday Service at Manchester United Methodist Church.


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Happy 4th of July!  No CORE tonight…enjoy the fireworks and festivities.  (:

This Monday (July 9)  is LUNCH BUNCH!  Bring some money (or use your CORE account) and meet us at the fair at noon!  Yes, it’s that time of year for delicious pie and tenderloin sandwiches.  Yum.mmm.

NEXT Wednesday (July 11) is the  Brandon Heath concert at the Delaware County Fair.  This concert is FREE (with admission to the fair…let me know if you want to use your CORE account).  HOLLA!   If you want to sit together,  meet at 5pm at the stage to save your spot.  Then we can ride the sketchy attractions and eat delicious pie from the 4-H stand before we rock out.  Great photos from that night should be uploaded to the CORE facebook page.

If you are showing anything during fair week, make sure you let CORE know so we can come support you.  Good luck to everyone! (:

For those students helping with Vacation Bible School: There is a mandatory training with Mrs. Stocks on Monday, July 16th at 6:30pm at the church.  It is SUPER important that you let Mrs. Stocks know if you can’t be there.  (I’ll give you her email if you need it.)


Drumroll please….

The location of our summer-kickoff is…..BAILEY’S FORD! (2379 Jefferson Road)

Bring lawn chairs, frisbees, friends, and marshmallows….we’re going to have a great time hanging out and kicking off summer!  (Oh, and bring bug spray.  Lots, and LOTS! of bug spray.)

We’ll extend our CORE hours from 7pm-10pm, as festivities are even MORE fun after sunset.

When you pull into the park, follow the road to the right, past the new playground equipment.  We will park by the old equipment.

Meet you at Bailey’s Ford at 7pm tomorrow!  Wooooot! :) :)


Download a copy of CORE’s March Newsletter here.

December 28, 2011  //  Victorious Winner: Alum Teri Mueller

Don’t forget to “JAM THE SANCTUARY” in support of CORE Youth Ministry this Sunday @ 9:45am.  Bring your friends and family!