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Chicken n WafflesSometimes you just need a fun night.  A night where you kick back, eat ridiculous food, and laugh with your friendy-friends.  That’s what the students of CORE Youth Ministry did last night.

You might be from the south, thinking that chicken ‘n waffles is a totally acceptable meal.  However, we are from the midwest, and the thought of this meal shocked us.  Then it excited us. “Let’s try it!”  And try it we did.

In my extensive research (because I’m a very thorough Youth Director) I learned that people eat this meal two different ways: covered in syrup, or covered in white gravy.  I wondered which would taste better: sweet or savory.  So in my quest for an answer, I prepared both.

In the predictions round, students and leaders thought the syrup was going to kick the gravy’s tush.   Can’t you hear the “Rocky” theme music?

ChickenWaffles PredictionsGoing into the taste-testing, syrup was the predicted winner with 7-1 odds.  Yikes!  it was not looking good for the gravy.  Buuuuuut, as we tasted both, some of our minds changed…








…wait for it…








ChickenwaffleswinnerI can’t believe it!  By only one point!  I guess all the blood, sweat, and tears I put into the gravy paid off!  Well, not quite since savory did not win, but I’ll count it as a victory allthesame.

Since the camera battery was dead we don’t have any pictures from playing “Dance Yo’ Socks Off,” “Human Battleship,” “CandyBall,” or “Catch Phrase.”  But trust me: we laughed a lot.

All in all, it was a much needed night of fun.






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…important announcements.

We are leaving TOMORROW for Acquire the Fire.  Please keep the team in your thoughts and prayers, and get excited to hear all about this amazing weekend!

If you cannot find the 2012-2013 Medical Release form sent in the mail, please download a new copy.

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming of “Revolution!” updates.

Drumroll please….

The location of our summer-kickoff is…..BAILEY’S FORD! (2379 Jefferson Road)

Bring lawn chairs, frisbees, friends, and marshmallows….we’re going to have a great time hanging out and kicking off summer!  (Oh, and bring bug spray.  Lots, and LOTS! of bug spray.)

We’ll extend our CORE hours from 7pm-10pm, as festivities are even MORE fun after sunset.

When you pull into the park, follow the road to the right, past the new playground equipment.  We will park by the old equipment.

Meet you at Bailey’s Ford at 7pm tomorrow!  Wooooot! :) :)


For Wednesday…

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If you are joining our Leap Day Party in Cedar Rapids, we need your Permission Slip turned in on Sunday (aka TODAY!).  Do you need a copy?  Download a slip for Super Skate here and return it to Kelsey this afternoon.

December 28, 2011  //  Victorious Winner: Alum Teri Mueller

Lots of announcements!  Buckle up.

Task Team Fundraiser

This Wednesday you have an early out.  Woot woot!  There is still corn to be picked at Shermans’.  Don’t miss an opportunity to increase your student account.  Remember, the more you earn, the less you pay out-of-pocket for the mission trip, senior trip, or fun activities.

This Saturday from 1pm to 3pm CORE students are helping MUMC Mission Team hand out Christmas presents to children in Eastern Iowa.  This opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through spending time with children of incarcerated parents is a selfless way to begin the Christmas season.  Visit to learn how to help with this important organization.

NEXT Saturday (December 10) is the Cookie & Candy Sale.  We need everyone to make 2 or 3 dozen cookies or treats to donate.  We will be selling them from 8-11am on Saturday.  This will come as no surprise, but the money earned goes into YOUR student accounts.  Thanks for helping.  The more treats you donate and the more people you invited to come, means more money you can spend.  How great is that?!  (Want to help more than donating treats?  Tell Scott aka Mr. Litterer when you see him in the hallway.)

Are you wondering with your hard-earned money could buy you?  Great question!  On Wednesday, December 28 we’re having the annual CORE Alumni Bowling night at 7pm.  Past and present CORE members can catch up while knocking down pins.  If you have money in your student account and choose to use it for this event, you may do so.  Awesome!  So spread the word to our friends that have graduated.

Did you make it through all of these announcements?  If so, leave a reply of your favorite animal.  Won’t that look funny to everyone who DIDN’T read these announcements?  Bahahahaha.

Blessings and shalom!