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If you are a gifted teacher, mentor, (or just love high school students!) we need you!  Volunteering with CORE is as easy as downloading this application and scheduling a meeting with Kelsey (563.920.9324).  Big or small–up front or behind the scenes–we have a need that you can fill!

Want to check us out before making a commitment?  Great!  Call Kels to set up a preview night.

If you know a gifted adult (over the age of 21) who might be an asset to CORE, send them a link to our blog.


We’re in the final stretch of asking the question, “What’s It Take to Be a Christ-Follower?”

"What's It Take?"

Wednesday will tie up the loose ends, sharpen your tools, and encourage your battle.  Don’t miss it.

Remember when Lucas represented filthy language and everyone beat him to a pulp?  I do! :)

"Put to Death"

Have you been working on last week’s challenge?  It was two-fold: identify the item you are battling (as defined in Colossians3:5-6); and find an accountability partner to help you fight your moral filth.  Have you accepted the challenge?  Why not?

Small Groups (from 5:30-6:30pm on Sunday nights) discuss the impact that Wednesday lessons have on their lives.  Join a group to be challenged, inspired, and encouraged.

Girls Small Group

We need people to EARN MONEY at the corn maze (Shermans’ Pumpkin Patch).  If you are able to work two hour shifts on Sunday afternoons in October, contact Grace Meiner or Chuck Uthe….(or they will contact you!)  The money you earn goes into your student account and can be used in a variety of ways: concerts, mission trips, senior trip, etc.  This is YOUR money, so work hard to earn it.  (Big thanks to Portia, McKenna, Emily, and Mary for working October 2.  You rock!)

Remember to return these items ASAP:

Medical Release Forms

Parent Contact Info

Volunteer Involvement Inventory

Driving Permission Slip

Failure to return these items by next week results in you missing out on a surprise adventure.  Be sure to remind your friends to bring theirs, too.  Accountability!


For July 18-22

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“Lunch Bunch” had a great kick-off last week with Fair Food.  First Lutheran’s pie CLEARLY beat 4-H pie, and I am thrilled at our enthusiastic experiments to determine the title.

On July 18 “Lunch Bunch” will meet at Jude’s Cafe at 11:30.  Join us for laughter, conversation, and the difficult task of determining what is worth eating at Jude’s.

Jude's Cafe on July 18 @ 11:30


“Summer of Courage” is beginning to wrap up, and we need you there to put the relational spin on Fran-Chan’s ideas.  What good is discussion if it holds no relevance in your life?  Bring your bibles, your friends (many of us have been gone lately…give a friendly text reminder to those we haven’t seen in awhile!), and your point of view.  See you at 7pm.


…there is a surprise element this Wednesday.  We will jump right in at 7pm, so please be on time.  If you’re coming from work later (say, after 7:45pm) call the CORE Phone (563.920.9324) to meet us at our location.  (Tyler, don’t try to get it out of me sooner!)

Upcoming Events

Iowa State Fair

An overnight to the State Fair is planned for Friday, August 12 to Saturday, August 13.  I need a head count for those interested.  Cost will be $100 and is all-inclusive: hotel (with pool!), fair admission, gas, and meals.  We need a minimum of 4 students to make the trip happen.

Money should not be a reason you say “no”; you can use your student account, do a fundraiser, or qualify for a scholarship.

Special Note:

Congratulations to all the Delaware County Fair participants!  We have CORE students involved in art projects, animal judging, and even puppet shows!  We are so proud of you! :)

Questions from the thoughtful mind of Lee Rempe:


I have questions for myself. Ask yourself the ones that apply.

1. How can I be sure my faith is my own and not an imitation of the faith of one of my Christian heroes?
2. Who can I confide with about my faith-related concerns?
3. I know God loves me, but does he like me a) when I’m alone or b) when i’m with others?
4. Concerning the mountain top experience: it is one I can have alone or in company with others. The thing about the mountain top is that it is isolated and away, a secluded spot from which I can contemplate little other than God’s grandeur. It is when I come down from the mountain top to the lush valleys of verdant green that there is much for my senses to take in and get lost in. Then temptation and confusion can set in and take me from being the man Jesus likes. That is when I need to remember what it means to stand alone.

Wednesday:  Join us at 6pm for a DELISH meal at the MUMC Ice Cream Social.  Enjoy a maidrite or hot dog, homemade potato salad, baked beans, chips, pie, cake, and soft-serve ice cream with ALL the toppings.  Better yet, eat for FREE if you help clean up from 6:30-7pm before CORE.

Bring your favorite Disney movie, a snack to share, and your Snuggy (I bet you have one!) and enjoy a Disney Movie Marathon on Thursday from 4pm to 10pm.

On Sunday, our dear friend Lee Rempe celebrates his 40th Anniversary!  We’re all invited to his open house at Backbone between 1pm and 5pm.  Follow the link for the info.

Don’t forget about our basics: CORE on Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm, Small Group (Chapter 5) on Sunday @ 5:30, and the last (LAST!) Colorado Meeting on Sunday @ 6:45pm.

Make sure you join in the “COURAGE” discussion on CORE’s facebook page.

May has been such an ADVENTURE!  Nothing has been “normal” or consistent, but we’ve done some pretty fun things, too.

This week is the last of our funky-confusing schedule, and soon we’ll find our summer rhythm.  BUT, here’s what you need to know THIS week:

Sunday was another fundraiser for Team Colorado: Spaghetti Lunch.  We earned $385 (plus a generous gas card to BP…THANKS!) and it was split among the five students who worked.  Tina used her culinary magic to entice more than 70 people, and it turned out to be a great success.

Wednesday is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  I am so pumped for summer, and we’re going to celebrate by having a cookout at Ellie and Luke Preussner’s house.  Here’s the plan:

Bring your pals, your frisbee, and a treat to share, and be at the CHURCH at 6:30pm.  We’ll carpool out to their property, enjoy hot dogs, a bonfire, and open space to play.  We’ll be back at the CHURCH at 10pm (because YOU DON’T HAVE SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY!).  Woop woop!

Mentors and Youth Board are invited to join us for a night of celebration and enjoyment.

There will be a Task Team on Thursday (window-washing at the Piegors) and yardwork Task Team on Friday (1pm-6pm).  We need hands to help…money goes into your Mission account.  If you can help, please text Kels at 563.920.9324.

Please head over to the Summer Events Calendar to see the fun activities we’re planning.  This is going to be a GREAT summer!

Enjoy as SAFE and FUN-FILLED Memorial weekend, and remember there is NO SMALL GROUP on Sunday.

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