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THEME: Matthew 25:40

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Top Row L-R: Tina Mead // Megan Offerman // Darla Gaskill // Chris Mundy // Dusty Ingles // Luke Preussner // Bradley O’Connell // Kristy Reth // Will Zalizniak

Middle Row L-R: Chloe Peyton // Mary Piegors // Grace Meiner // Carolyn Meiner // Alyssa Fangmann // Addison Schrader // Sydney Litterer // Paige Madlom // Emily Kenyon

Bottow Row L-R: Kelsey Anderson // Dave Gaskill // Clayton Larsen

Camp Klaus, April 27-28, 20112



Imagine you entered a contest and won a big bag of Skittles.  I mean, huuuuuge.  We’re talkin’ 41oz of pure, fruity sugar.  A-mazing.

But, what if you only wanted a handful of your super-delicious prize?  You ate a few and said, “Okay, I’m satisfied.  I don’t want any more.”  You’d have to be nuts!  That whole bag is for you!  It’s yours!  How can you only be satisfied with a handful?!

I think this is a picture of how some of us treat our relationship with the Lord.  We’ve won the prize–an ABUNDANT relationship with Christ–but we settle for less.  Maybe that’s only attending church on Sunday, and going through the motions.  Stand up.  Sit down.  Sing.  Read a prayer.  Shake hands.  Go to lunch.  Maybe for others it’s listening to lessons at CORE, but not involving ourselves in the discussion.  If I say the “right” answer, maybe Kelsey will stop talking.

Consider this: Maybe a relationship with Jesus is more than focusing on all the “Shall not”s of the bible, and more about getting to know God.  Who is He?  What is important to Him?  Are those things important to us?

In the same way we long for the whole bag of Skittles, I think we should long for more of Christ.  Curious about what that might mean?  We’ve got ideas.  Snag a volunteer if you’re interested in exploring this topic.  Keep in mind: We’re not going to shove the Skittles down your throat.  Once you’re ready for them, we’ll help you savor and enjoy them by the fist-full.


Download a copy of CORE’s March Newsletter here.

If you are a gifted teacher, mentor, (or just love high school students!) we need you!  Volunteering with CORE is as easy as downloading this application and scheduling a meeting with Kelsey (563.920.9324).  Big or small–up front or behind the scenes–we have a need that you can fill!

Want to check us out before making a commitment?  Great!  Call Kels to set up a preview night.

If you know a gifted adult (over the age of 21) who might be an asset to CORE, send them a link to our blog.

s'more, please

Because I was too excited to be bothered with announcements last night, here’s what you need to know:

The Fall Supper is on October 26…less than two weeks away.  CORE is scheduled to work the 5:30pm to 7pm shift and then have a bonfire and do the Corn Maze.  Howeverrrrrrrr, that night has just been announced as Playoffs.  Because that means some of you will be at the game, I need a head-count for who is still interested and able to work the Fall Supper.  You can be…

…a server, scoopin’ mashed potatoes or pourin’ gravy.  (There are several spots open for this job, and I have Katie Mitchell and Em-Ken committed here.)

…a dish-dryer.  You get to wipe down the piping-hot plates as they come out of the dishwasher.  You don’t have to deal with people.  (This is a job for you anti-social people).

…a table host.  You are in charge of making sure your table has plenty of drinks, napkins, and pats of butter for their rolls.  How easy is that?!

How soaked are you, Mary?

Tonight there is a pot luck dinner for a Missionary Speaker from Nigeria.  It sounds like a rad time to hear about his experiences and what it is like to be a Christ-follower in Africa…and to have free food.  Dinner starts at 6pm.

How soaked are you, D-Schrade?

Reminder to those who have committed to work Sherman’s Corn Maze this weekend.  Please be there 15 minutes before your shift and check in with your adult supervisor (aka the Youth Staff member who is there with you).  I received a phone call from Shermans on Monday telling me how wonderful you have been–and I looooove hearing great reports about you!  Keep of the good work…and remember, this money goes into YOUR student account.  Woot woot!

How soaked are you, Autumn?

Wondering where the 2012 Summer Mission Trip is going?  The answer will be revealed next Wednesday!  Huuuuuuge round of applause to the Mission Team for finding a cool location and unique experience.  You guys did great!

How soaked are you, A.P.?

Small Groups are from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Sundays.  We hope to see you there.

How soaked are you, Secret Agent Youth Staff?

Thanks for an epic night, last night.  We.Love.CORE.

John 15:5

Saturday (June 18) is when Team Colorado takes off for their adventure of service.  Students will join 100 others from across the U.S. and be placed on a team meeting various needs in Denver.  Examples include working with kids at Day Camps, Habitat for Humanity (sorting and unloading), gardening food for homeless, painting/weeding for a therapeutic horse ranch, landscaping for non-profit organizations or senior citizen housing facilities, food packaging and sorting at local food banks or any other opportunities that may come our way.


Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to give us a heart to serve, a spirit of flexibility, and an open heart to grow in Christ.  Pray safety over our travels (and we’re whitewater rafting!) as well as our health.  In Christ, we can do all things!

Theme verse: “I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5

Team Colorado:

Addison Schrader

Caria Philgreen

Jimmy Gelwicks

Kristy Reth

Mark Gelwicks

Mary Piegors

McKenna Brown

Megan Offerman

Melissa Curtis

Sydney Litterer

Dave Gaskill

Kelsey Anderson

Laura Gelwicks

Tina Mead

May has been such an ADVENTURE!  Nothing has been “normal” or consistent, but we’ve done some pretty fun things, too.

This week is the last of our funky-confusing schedule, and soon we’ll find our summer rhythm.  BUT, here’s what you need to know THIS week:

Sunday was another fundraiser for Team Colorado: Spaghetti Lunch.  We earned $385 (plus a generous gas card to BP…THANKS!) and it was split among the five students who worked.  Tina used her culinary magic to entice more than 70 people, and it turned out to be a great success.

Wednesday is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  I am so pumped for summer, and we’re going to celebrate by having a cookout at Ellie and Luke Preussner’s house.  Here’s the plan:

Bring your pals, your frisbee, and a treat to share, and be at the CHURCH at 6:30pm.  We’ll carpool out to their property, enjoy hot dogs, a bonfire, and open space to play.  We’ll be back at the CHURCH at 10pm (because YOU DON’T HAVE SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY!).  Woop woop!

Mentors and Youth Board are invited to join us for a night of celebration and enjoyment.

There will be a Task Team on Thursday (window-washing at the Piegors) and yardwork Task Team on Friday (1pm-6pm).  We need hands to help…money goes into your Mission account.  If you can help, please text Kels at 563.920.9324.

Please head over to the Summer Events Calendar to see the fun activities we’re planning.  This is going to be a GREAT summer!

Enjoy as SAFE and FUN-FILLED Memorial weekend, and remember there is NO SMALL GROUP on Sunday.