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Parent Invite.001

If the whole family is doing the homework together, shouldn’t we do the lessons together on Sunday? I thought so! Parents will be a part of our small group this Sunday, January 25.

I have a little confession:

I loooooooooove my job.  I LOVE discussing scripture and theology, especially with students.  I love learning, and being able to share the things I have learned.  Love.  Love.  Love.


I am finding in our study of Matthew that there is an overwhelming amount of things that I want to explore and discuss!¬† We could get lost by going deeply into a short¬†passage. ¬†For example, we could spend DAYS pouring over Matthew 7:13-14, “Enter through the narrow gate. ¬†For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it. ¬†But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it,” (NIV). ¬†While there are times that going deep into The Word is so necessary, I want to be mindful that student ministry might not always be the time. ¬†(We also need to have time for epic Q-Tip Wars, which we participated in yesterday.)

So, as a result of being mindful of how deeply we dive into the Matthew-waters, I have created two options for you to use as you finish your study of Matthew 5-7.  One is an overview that pulls out the big ideas; the second includes in-depth study notes.

Lesson for January 18 (Overview)          Super-Intense Notes on Matthew 5-7

For those who participated in small group on Sunday (which was a mix of students and parents!), we did not get very far into the lesson before we ran out of time.  (I am STILL disappointed by that!)  I vow that next week (January 25) to find a better balance between a light overview and super-intense lesson.

In the mean time, I pray that–as your family works out the daily devotional lessons together–you grow in your knowledge of scripture and your understanding of your Savior, Jesus.

Bring your questions next Sunday as we work through Matthew 8:1-34.

Homework for Jan 25

CORE students get some help priming the Youth Room for the big update! #leadership

CORE students get some help priming the Youth Room for the big update! #leadership

Basecamp” is about preparing for a journey. ¬†We have been preparing for CORE Youth Ministry’s big journey this summer merging with 7th and 8th grade students; until now our preparation has come in the form of brainstorming ideas (remember the white tiger idea?), cleaning the youth room and planning the new room design, and discussing lesson plans.

This past Wednesday, the students of CORE turned the preparation inward.

One important factor when beginning a journey is leadership.  We have all been a part of a group with natural-born leaders; other times we are a part of a group with weak or reluctant leaders.  One thing we can learn by reading both the Old and New Testament is that we serve a God who loves to show His leadership through the most unlikely people and situations.  Perhaps one of the most profound examples of this can be seen through the journey of the Israelites from slavery into the Promised Land.

Moses and Israelites-003

Even though the lines of this picture have become a bit faded (click the pic for a closer look), you can see that the Israelite’s journey is full of ups and downs. ¬†When you read Exodus (for the sake of the narrative, you can skip the laws of Leviticus and the census info from Numbers 1-10), Numbers 11-25, Deuteronomy, and Joshua you see an action and adventure-filled drama that is almost as unbelievable as the storyline of Twilight. ¬†Almost. ¬†(I haaaave to believe that God parting the Red Sea is more¬†believable¬†than a world where a vampire and a werewolf are both in love with Kristen Stewart. ¬†Maybe that’s just me…)

This journey shows us good (and bad) leadership on the part of Moses, Aaron, and Joshua. ¬†This journey also shows us the good (AND BAD!) example of God’s beloved people, the Israelites. ¬†Read the story (Exodus – Joshua) and follow along on our slides [Leadership 4:6]. Ask yourself:

What are the lessons learned by the Israelites?

What lessons do we learn from the Israelites?

What great leadership qualities were displayed by Moses?  Aaron?  Joshua?  What poor leadership qualities were displayed?

What does this journey reveal about God?  What does it reveal about the Israelites?  What does it reveal about ourselves?

How can we be strong leaders in our new journey?

My prayer for you is that the God who delights in showing His powerful leadership through the most unlikely of people and situations would reveal Himself to you this week.  As we see through this journey to the Promised Land, our God hears the cry of His people, and He responds in powerful ways.

Basecamp: The place where you prepare for a journey.

By now I am certain you have caught on: we are preparing for EXCITING changes at CORE Youth Ministry.

I am proud to announce that the huge journey we are preparing for is a new addition to our Wednesday night programming!

Smallest LogoBeginning Wednesday, June 5 we will expand to include 7th and 8th grade students.  We.Are.Psyched!

Much of our “Basecamp” preparation revolves around dreaming and planning for a summer of super-sweet activities. ¬†In honor of the epic launch of “Merge” we are kickin’ our summer off in style: A trip to Valley Fair!

Valley Fair Trip-001Let the anticipation for an AWESOME summer (full of games, growth, and adventure!) begin!

Basecamp: The place where you prepare for the journey ahead.

The students of¬†CORE Youth Ministry¬†are preparing for an exciting new journey beginning this summer. ¬†You’ll read more about CORE’s adventurous new chapter in upcoming posts. ¬†Intrigued? ¬†I hope you are. (:

Week 2

Meanwhile, back at Basecamp, we focused on preparing our youth room.  We cleaned, we hauled furniture, we trashed things.  We ate pizza and dreamed up a new color scheme and room design.  Here is what we decided last night:

Winner!In the spirit of a new and exciting chapter, we chose the bold concept of bright colors beginning on our main wall and traveling across our ceiling. ¬†We’re pretty pumped about the idea. ¬†Lest you fear we have chosen a design with pink in the pallet, you can see our color scheme is to the right.

Stay tuned for “Before” and “After” pictures in the coming weeks.

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge “THANKS!” to the CORE students who prepared our room for the journey ahead!


Series GraphicI’ve been pretty hyped about our new series, “Basecamp.” ¬†You may be asking yourself, “Whattheheck is a basecamp?” ¬†Basecamp refers to the place where, say, a mountain climber prepares for his journey. ¬†Basecamp is the place where he rests, trains, and prepares for his journey ahead.

You guessed it! ¬†At CORE Youth Ministry we’re about to begin a journey. ¬†But that journey does not begin until aaaaaafter we train up at “Basecamp.”

It is my personal belief that before beginning a new, uncharted journey it is beneficial to look back on the events that brought you to this point.  Last night we remembered mission trips, theologically dense series, and hilarious kung fu movies.

We talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly things we’ve experienced together over the past three years. ¬†We brainstormed the things we need to accomplish before beginning our new journey this summer (…like getting a white tiger for the youth room. ¬†Wouldn’t that be sweet?!) ¬†We began to dream about the things we need to accomplish at “Basecamp” before the summer journey begins.

I can’t help but think about Moses and the Israelites leaving slavery in Egypt for the Promised Land (Exodus). ¬†There was a lot of fear and¬†uncertainty¬†(and complaining!), but there were also AMAZING demonstrations of God’s power and provision.

In the coming weeks we will explore this biblical example more closely as we prepare for the adventurous journey that lies before us. ¬†In the mean time, I’m going to research the cost of feeding a white tiger.

Manchester United Methodist Church has welcomed five new members!  On April 7, students completed their Confirmation class and took a vow to serve MUMC with their prayers, presence, gifts, and service.



From left to right: Kelsey Anderson (Youth Director), Alyssa Sellner, Nick Andregg, Nolan Lyness, Liz Koloc, Hanna Koloc, and Pastor Mike (Senior Pastor).

bioWe give thanks for all that God has already given you and we welcome you in Christian love.  As members together with you in the body of Christ and in this congregation of the Manchester United Methodist Church, we renew our covenant faithfully to participate in the ministries of the church by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service, that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.  Amen.


Chicken n WafflesSometimes you just need a fun night. ¬†A night where you kick back, eat ridiculous food, and laugh with your friendy-friends. ¬†That’s what the students of CORE Youth Ministry did last night.

You might be from the south, thinking that chicken ‘n waffles is a totally acceptable meal. ¬†However, we are from the midwest, and the thought of this meal shocked us. ¬†Then it excited us. “Let’s try it!” ¬†And try it we did.

In my extensive research (because I’m a very thorough Youth Director) I learned that people eat this meal two different ways: covered in syrup, or covered in white gravy. ¬†I wondered which would taste better: sweet or savory. ¬†So in my quest for an answer, I prepared both.

In the predictions round, students and leaders thought the syrup was going to kick the gravy’s tush. ¬† Can’t you hear the “Rocky” theme music?

ChickenWaffles PredictionsGoing into the taste-testing, syrup was the predicted winner with 7-1 odds. ¬†Yikes! ¬†it was not looking good for the gravy. ¬†Buuuuuut, as we tasted both, some of our minds changed…








…wait for it…








ChickenwaffleswinnerI can’t believe it! ¬†By only one point! ¬†I guess all the blood, sweat, and tears I put into the gravy paid off! ¬†Well, not quite since savory did not win, but I’ll count it as a victory allthesame.

Since the camera battery was dead we don’t have any pictures from playing “Dance Yo’ Socks Off,” “Human Battleship,” “CandyBall,” or “Catch Phrase.” ¬†But trust me: we laughed a lot.

All in all, it was a much needed night of fun.